How should old unfinished trainings be handled after 2020-12-31?

The old platform will be phased out 2020-12-31 due to its dependency on the Flash technology. All trainings started on the old platform must therefore be finished on the old platform by 2020-12-31. Our recommendations are therefore:

  • Please try to finish all old trainings before 2020-12-31.
  • Only create new trainings on the new platform.
  • If a training on the old platform has completed only a few blocks, please consider restarting it by creating a new training on the new platform as soon as possible.

Trainings that are still not finished

Our general principle is that trainings that are still not finished by 2020-12-31 will be compensated with a new training on the new platform. This includes Ongoing and Extended trainings currently underway, but also trainings that were entitled to become Extended after completion.

If you are a coach with an unlimited license, please follow the direction above. If you are a coach with a limited quota license, please submit a ticket and provide the username (e.g. "u123456") for the Ongoing/Completed/Extended training that should be compensated according to above, and we will increase your quota accordingly.

Extended trainings

When compensating Extended trainings, choose the shortest length (25 minutes/block) and lowest frequency (3 blocks/week) to ensure the longest possible period of time. The Trainee does not have to train the full 25 minutes, and can e.g. split the blocks by just logging out in the middle of them. When logging in the next time, the training will just continue where it was left off. This would extend the training period even further.

Please note that even though the Extended trainings on the old platform had 100 blocks, only a subset of the exercises were included and the block length was also very short. It is therefore safe to say that a full new training on the new platform will provide more than an equivalent effect.

If you wonder about why Extended training was not included at release on the new platform, please read more at How should the effects be maintained?

Please keep in mind that “Extended training” should not be offered to new clients as this option is not available on the new platform at this time.