Getting started

Who can become a Cogmed Provider?

Cogmed is available for purchase and use by licensed healthcare providers and educators through Pearson Clinical Assessment and affiliated distributors. Please check with your local Pearson office for specific local requirements and guidance. Cogmed is not available for purchase by the general public. Members of the public must work with a qualified Cogmed practitioner to use Cogmed Working Memory Training. To locate who to contact in your region, see:

What are the system requirements for the Cogmed Platform?

The system requirements for the new platform are any modern browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a reliable Internet connection. We do not recommend training on mobile phones due to the smaller screen and distracting environments. Recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari. The Cogmed platform does not support Internet Explorer. If you cannot login or have problems accessing the Cogmed platform: 1. Make sure you are using the latest v...

Adding a Cogmed Icon on the home screen for easy access on Android or IOS devices.

Even though the Cogmed platform is web based, you can create an Cogmed web icon on your tablet for easy access to Cogmed Training App and Cogmed Coaching Center. - For iPad, see section Add a website icon to your iPad Home Screen below: - For Android devices, see instructions for different web browsers below:

How do I become visible on the Find Provider Map?

Please follow the instructions at About Find Provider. (

How do I become an Organization Admin?

An Organization Admin is a Coach that has been assigned privileges to edit information for the organisation he/she belongs to (e.g. to enable the Find Provider ( global map service). - All Organizations should have at least one Organization Admin. You can verify whether your are the Organisation Admin in Coaching Center ( Go to the upper right MENU and check if the entry Organisation Settings is present. - If no o...