Can I change status on trainings manually?

A training can have several statuses. A newly created training is Not Started but will be Ongoing as soon as the first training block has started. When all training blocks are completed the training is Completed.

In some cases you want to change the status of unfinished trainings, e.g. when rejecting or cancelling a training or completing a training with only a few trainings blocks left. This is managed through Cogmed Coaching Center. These trainings will be hidden from the default view, but can be accessed by filtering on status.

  1. Locate the training you want to update in the training list in Cogmed Coaching Center.
  2. Click on the training to display its details and go to the Settings tab.
  3. Change to the appropriate status and save.
    • Ongoing trainings with less than 3 started blocks can be Rejected. This will trigger a quota refund automatically if you are on a quota license.
    • Ongoing trainings with 3 or more started blocks can be Cancelled.
    • Ongoing Extended trainings, not compatible with the new platform, can be Completed.
    • Trainings with at least 80% of all training blocks completed can be Completed.