What block length should I choose?

The Standard program has 3 training block lengths that determine the number of exercises for each training block, and how many training blocks the full training consists of. The same amount of training is distributed as seen below:

  • 50 mins = 25 blocks, 8 exercises/block
  • 35 mins = 30 blocks, 5 exercises/block
  • 25 mins = 40 blocks, 3 exercises/block

 The Light program is shorter and has a fixed Length.

  • 15 mins = 25 blocks, 2-3 exercises/block
Are all block lengths equally effective?
All block lengths have an equal training effect, but factors to consider, to determine the most appropriate one are:
  • Time constraints
  • Cognitive endurance
  • The motivation of the Trainee
Can I change block length later on?
You cannot change the block length for an ongoing training, but you can use the first two training blocks to assess if the length is a good fit for the trainee. If not, you can reject the training (this will restore the quota if you have such a license) to create a new training with a shorter or longer block length.