Coaching and Training

What block length should I choose?

The Standard program has 3 training block lengths that determine the number of exercises for each training block, and how many training blocks the full training consists of. The same amount of training is distributed as seen below: - 50 mins = 25 blocks, 8 exercises/block - 35 mins = 30 blocks, 5 exercises/block - 25 mins = 40 blocks, 3 exercises/block The Light program is shorter and has a fixed Length. - 15 mins = 25 blocks, 2-3 exercises/block Are all block lengths equ...

Why is my Block Time shorter than the chosen Block Length (25/35/50 minutes)?

The training protocol is based on training volume and not time. Therefore, the time to complete a block will vary amongst individuals. The Block Length alternatives (25, 35 and 50 minutes) are estimates to provide an indication of how much time it will take to complete a block. These estimates are based on historical data for users that are a bit slower than the average. This approach was chosen to ensure that users have the necessary time available to complete the block.

What happens if the trainings cannot be completed before the estimated end date given in Coaching Center?

The estimated end date generated during Training creation is based on the chosen Training Block Length and the Frequency Goal. This end date is not enforced by the system and the Trainee can vary the frequency during training if necessary. The recommended training frequency is 3-5 times per week. Longer periods of inactivity between Training sessions is not recommended.

Can I change status on trainings manually?

A training can have several statuses. A newly created training is Not Started but will be Ongoing as soon as the first training block has started. When all training blocks are completed the training is Completed. In some cases you want to change the status of unfinished trainings, e.g. when rejecting or cancelling a training or completing a training with only a few trainings blocks left. This is managed through Cogmed Coaching Center. These trainings will be hidden from the default view, but c...

How should the effects be maintained?

There is no research evidence of an immediate decline of the positive effects after a Cogmed intervention. On the contrary, new findings even suggest that they can continue to increase for up to a year. From a short-term perspective we would therefore consider it more important to focus on achieving as great a positive effect(s) as possible during the intervention rather than on the maintenance aspect directly after: - Develop an intrinsic motivation for the Trainee. An understanding of the...